Wendy S. Painting, Ph.D.
Lone Wolf Researcher / Author

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Our research of the Oklahoma City Bombing mystery continues. We're hoping concerned Americans (just like you) will send us relevant information, however tangential, of this tragic event. Material received can be held in strict anonymity at submitter's request. (Wendy S. Painting, Ph.D.)

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into the Oklahoma City bombing are greatly appreciated.

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Summary of expertise

Holds PhD in American Studies from the University of Buffalo, a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from University of New York at Brockport, and a BA in English Literature.

Highly trained researcher in the humanities and social sciences specializing in contentious / controversial post-Cold War era political cultures, events, circumstances and individuals within the United States; domestic intelligence and counterintelligence operations; research methodologies in 'troubled' fields.

Has conducted and continues to conduct extensive investigatory, academic, journalistic and ethnographic research using multiple, interdisciplinary methods about a wide range of historical and contemporary topics including controversial events, protest cultures, bank robberies, bombings, and mass shootings.

Designed and taught a variety of college courses including (but not limited to) Surveillance Society; U.S. History (Cold War Era); History of U.S. Prison System; Criminals and Crime in U.S. History and Lore; and Research Based Writing.

Professional Experience (includes): researcher and investigator for a criminal defense attorney; private investigator within the construction industry; compliance monitor; senior research analyst at research group; market researcher and analyst; researcher, writer and producer for film production company; and ghostwriter.

Has extensive experience writing a wide variety of documents, including (but not limited to) Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests; affidavits; investigatory reports; actionable intelligence assessment reports; individual and business profiling reports; field notes; academic papers; literature reviews; biographies of varying length comprehensive multi-sourced timelines and topical bibliographies.


Highly Self-Motivated ● Independent Worker ● Extensive Background and Training in Real World Research Methods within Troubled or Contentious Fields ● Attention To Detail and Factual Accuracy ● Critical Thinker ● Innate Curiosity and Questioning Nature ● Multi-Tasking and Prioritization ● Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills ● Access to Journalistic, Academic, Legal and Public Record Databases (Lexis Nexis, etc.,) ● Ability to Generate, Develop, Review and Analyze Large Amounts of Complex Multiple Human and Paper Sources ● Maintain Client and Source Confidentiality ● Flexible Work Hours ● Negotiable Fees and Compensation Rates ● Willing To Travel ●