Wendy S. Painting, Ph.D.
Lone Wolf Researcher / Author

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Our research of the Oklahoma City Bombing mystery continues. We're hoping concerned Americans (just like you) will send us relevant information, however tangential, of this tragic event. Material received can be held in strict anonymity at submitter's request. (Wendy S. Painting, Ph.D.)

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Interdisciplinary Graduate Coursework Completed

  • New Ethnographic Methods, Dept. of American Studies, 2010
  • Applied Cultural Analysis, Dept. of Anthropology, 2010
  • Field Methodology, Dept. of American Studies, 2010
  • Oral History, Dept. of American Studies, 2010
  • History of Domestic Intelligence and Counterintelligence (Independent Study), Dept. of American Studies, 2010
  • History of American Assassinations and Assassins (Independent Study), Dept. of American Studies, 2010
  • Time and Culture, Dept. of Anthropology, 2009
  • Legal Research, Investigation, Documentation and Writing (Internship/ Independent Study), Dept. of American Studies, 2009
  • Armed Forces and Society, Dept. of Sociology, 2008
  • Violence and Non-Violence, Dept. of Anthropology, 2008
  • Criminology, Dept. of Sociology, 2008
  • Cold War Domestic Intelligence (Independent Study), Dept. of History, 2008
  • Literature of Revolution (Independent Study), Dept. of English, 2007
  • Violence in Art, Dept. of General Studies, 2007
  • Political Rhetoric, Dept. of Political Science, 2007
  • Science Fiction Issues, Dept. of English, 2007
  • History of War and Terrorism, Dept. of History, 2007

Teaching Experience

From 2011 until 2016, I again designed and taught a variety of courses including (but not limited to): History of U.S. Environmental Policy; History of U.S. Wars and Military Interventions post WWII; History of Vietnam; History of the U.S. 1970's; History of Religious Conflict and Resolution; Islamic History; History of Early to Early Modern Ireland; Historical Research Methods; Surveillance Society and Culture; World Military History (and overview); U.S. History Of Animal Rights Movement; Research Methods; Early Irish History; Russian History; Religion, War, and Conflict Resolution (history).

During 2011 and 2012, I designed and taught a variety of English, History and American Studies courses at Rochester area colleges including Empire State College, State University of New York, Monroe Community College and St. John Fisher College. Courses taught include (but are not limited to): Surveillance in Society; Introduction to U.S. History; The Cold War; Crime and Criminals in History, Folklore and Legend; U.S. Prison Systems; Cultural History; Ethnographies and Oral Histories in World Civilizations; and College Composition.

From 2007 until 2011, I delivered several guest lectures at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Fine Arts and the State University of New York, Department of American Studies on topics including the American Indian Movement, A History of Repression and Symbols in Tarot.

Current Courses Taught ( Jan. 1, 2015 )

  • U.S. Presidential Assassinations and Attempts (history)
  • Environmental Disasters in the U.S. (history)
  • Civil Rights (history)
  • History of World Religion
  • Women in the U.S. (history)
  • African American History
  • U.S. Prison Systems

Academic Conference Presentations and Formal Speaking Engagements (Excerpts)

  • "American Nightmares" (Paper) American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2012
  • "Contradictions, Collaborations, Danger, and Hidden Connections in the Field" (Paper) Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 2011
  • "The Oklahoma Dissidents: An Extraordinary Tale of Healing and Hidden Information" (Paper) Oral History Association Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 2010
  • "Dangerous Fields: Methodological Dilemmas" (Paper) University of Buffalo Annual Story Tellers Conference, Buffalo, New York, 2010
  • "Representing Global Woman: A Historical Reflection to a New Generation" (Poster Co-Designer and Presenter) University of Buffalo Celebration of Academic Excellence Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Day, Buffalo, New York, 2010
  • "OKC Bombing" (Lecture) Brave New Books, Austin, Texas, 2010
  • "Deadly Secrets" (Lecture) Brave New Books, Austin, Texas, 2010
  • "Involuntary Blood Relations" (Paper) University of Buffalo Annual Story Tellers Conference, Buffalo, New York, 2009
  • Radio Interview Appearances on Oklahoma and Texas Radio Shows, 2008-2010

Past & Current Projects and Publications

  • Writer. "Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: The Secret Lives of Timothy McVeigh" (Tentative Title) a book based on Ph.D. dissertation, Publisher: TrineDay (Current)
  • Writer, under contract with Trine Day to write a second book, "REDACTED".
  • Writer, Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journal and Magazine Articles, In Progress
  • Writer, Director, Co-Producer. "The History and Legend of Arthur Shawcross" an experimental documentary film currently in pre-production, 2012 to Current
  • Writer, "Untitled" (Invitation to Submit Paper) Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies, December 2013
  • Co-writer, Co-Producer, Lead Researcher and Investigator. "A Noble Lie" a documentary film, Production Company: Free Mind Films (2010 to 2012)

Research Experience

  • Consultant, Researcher, Writer for an investigatory research group in Rochester, New York
  • Lead Archivist and Legal Guardian. Aryan Republican Army / Peter Langan Private Collection, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2009-Current
  • Oral and Ethnographic Project Design and Research. Topic: Oklahoma City Bombing/ Timothy McVeigh. Sites: Oklahoma City, OK; Muldrow, OK; Austin, TX; Waco, TX; Houston, TX; Kingman, AZ; St. George, UT; Las Vegas, NV; Herington, KS; Fort Smith, AR; Buffalo, NY, 2008-2012
  • Archival Research. Saint Bonaventure University, Allegany, New York, Friedsam Memorial Library, American Terrorist Collection, 2012
  • Archival Research. University of Texas, Austin, Dolph Briscoe Center For American History, Stephen Jones Collection, 2007-2011
  • Internship. Randforce Associated LLC. University of Buffalo Technology Incubator. Oral History Methods and Data Processing (Project Design, Field Interviews, Transcribing, Coding, Cataloging), 2010
  • Investigative and Legal Research and Writing Assistant and Consultant at a Rochester area law office, 2010
  • Archival Research. George Washington University, Washington, D.C., National Security Archives, Investigative Journalism Collection: Branch Davidian Standoff, 2008

Accepted Proposals and Guest Speaking Invitations (Excerpts)

  • "Shifting Epistemologies and Histories of Conspiracy Theory" (Paper Accepted) University of Rochester’s Graduate History Society Annual Graduate Conference: Deviants, Taboos, and Unmentionables, Rochester, New York, 2013
  • "Untitled" (Presentation Invitation) Pullman Memorial Universalist Church, Rochester, New York, Invited by Reverend Louise Wu, 2013
  • "Avalanche of Decay: A Gulf War Syndrome Narrative" (Paper Accepted) Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 2012
  • "Untitled" (Presentation Invitation) International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics, Orlando, Florida, Invited by IMSCI 2012 Organizing Committee, 2012
  • "Untitled" (Presentation and Panel Chair Invitation) Western Social Science Association, Salt Lake City, Utah, Invited by Monica S. Gallamore, History Section Coordinator, 2011